What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the abnormal storage of fat in the fat cells which lie between the skin and muscle tissue. The fat cells are grouped together into large collections which are separated by fibrous strands. As the fat cells expand with weight gain, the gap between the skin and muscle tissue expands. When this occurs, the fibrous strands cannot stretch and support the skin.  The tension of the fibrous strands results in the characteristic dimpling of cellulite.

Who is affected by cellulite and how is it treated?

More than 80% of women over the age of twenty years, regardless of their weight or size, are affected by cellulite.

Numerous techniques have been used to try and improve cellulite including creams, body wraps, ultrasound and massage, but with less than satisfactory results.  Liposuction has also been used to remove fat; however, it does not treat cellulite and in some cases, may make the cellulite worse. With liposuction there is potential for bruising and unsightly scarring.

Apollo TriPollar After Smart Lipo?

tripollar dallasIt is ok to undergo TriPollar Apollo treatments after SmartLpo. TriPollar Apollo treatment uses the 3rd generation RF technology enabling to achieve smoothing and tightening of the treated area after liposuction by SmartLipo. In general, the TriPollar Apollo treatment is a great combination treatment following liposuction procedures; it enables additional skin tightening and reduction in uneven surface that can sometimes occur after liposuction. When combing the TriPollar Apollo treatments with Liposuction or SmartLipo it is very important to ensure the complementary treatment is performed at least two weeks after the liposuction procedure – you need to consult your physician regarding the condition of your treated area before having the TriPollar Apollo treatment.

Finally, a way to perform body contouring, skin tightening and reduce cellulite that is EFFECTIVE and essentially PAIN FREE!!

TriPollar Vs Accent Laser

Accent is not a laser but uni-polar RF device very similar to 1st generation mono-polar RF devices. Unlike 1st generation RF technology TriPollar RF is the 3rd generation of RF technology. The unique configuration of the treatment applicators in TriPollar Apollo creates a very focused and dense energy field resulting in effective wrinkle reduction, cellulite improvement and body contouring. Because of the high density energy field, the TriPollar Apollo treatment uses very low power consumption compared with 1st generation RF devices thus enabling a very safe and pleasant treatment, yet very effective. In fact most clients fall asleep during the treatments and clinical results are visible from the very first treatment.

Feedback on the New FDA Approved Apollo Tripollar Vs Exilis for Skin Tightening and Body Contouring?

Exilis uses mono-polar RF technology which is the first generation of RF. The Apollo device is powered by TriPollar technology which is the 3rd generation of RF, the most advanced RF technology currently in the market. Many clinical studies published on the TriPollar technology demonstrated that it is very effective for wrinkle reduction, skin tightening and body contouring. The unique configuration of the treatment applicators creates a very focused and dense energy field enabling a very effective treatment with very low power consumption. Previous RF technologies (Mono-polar and Bi-Polar) require much higher power in order to be effective and in addition require cooling of the upper skin layer in order to avoid burns. The TriPollar, which uses relatively low power enables avoiding burns or pain which can be the undesired side effects of older RF technologies (mono-polar and Bi polar).

Does TriPollar Use the Same Technology As Cellulaze to Treat Cellulite?

Cellulaze is an invasive procedure. As opposed to Cellulaze, the TriPollar Apollo treatment is non-invasive and affects the cellulite in a completely non-invasive manner without the need to use cannulas to enter the fat layer and to break the fat cells. TriPollar Apollo accelerates fat metabolism and induces release of fatty acids from the fat cells, hence causing the fat cells to shrink, improving cellulite appearance and reducing circumference in the abdomen, arms, flanks and thighs. The TriPollar Apollo treatment is the most advanced, 3rd generation Radio Frequency technology. The Apollo device powered by the TriPollar technology has been used successfully to improve the appearance of cellulite, there have been quite a few clinical studies demonstrating the effectiveness of the TriPollar for cellulite and a full chapter is dedicated to this technology in the book “Cellulite Pathophysiology and Treatment.” Editors: Mitchel P. Goldman and Doris Hexsel. 2010 Second Edition, Chapter 22, pages 158-167.

I’m a Male Interested in Chest Reduction. Is TriPollar the Right Treatment for Me?

TriPollar is a Radio Frequency (RF) technology. Any RF treatment is contraindicated (not to be used) on breast tissue of men or women.

What’s the Difference Between TriPollar Treatments Offered by a Doctor, & TriPollar Stop & TriPollar Pose Devices for home use?

TriPollar Apollo treatments offered by doctors are performed with a professional TriPollar Medical device (Apollo) that has up to 50 watts output power. The STOP or POSE home use devices are designed for a safe self-treatment thus have up to 1.1 watts and 2.2 watts respectively which is much lower than the Apollo device. Due to the difference in RF power levels, the home use devices are designed to maintain and enhance the professional results obtained by the TriPollar Apollo treatment at the comfort of one’s home.

What is the Average Price of a TriPollar Treatment? Do Doctors Charge by Area or Another Method?

Prices for TriPollar Apollo treatments vary between cities and clinics. The average treatment price is about 300 USD per treatment. Some clinics charge per smaller sectional face treatments, for example treatment of around the eyes area only, using the unique small applicator is priced at 150-200 USD. Treatment of the peri-oral area (around mouth) can also be performed with the special small applicator and is also charged separately.

To Tighten My Turkey Neck, How Many TriPollar Treatments Will I Need? And How Often?

Treating lax skin on the neck by TriPollar Apollo is effective and comfortable. Normally the protocol calls for 6-8 weekly treatments of 15-20 minutes each.

I Have Had Facial Fillers in my Face, Am I a Candidate for a TriPollar RF Treatment? Will It Ruin My Filler Results?

Fillers in the treatment area are not necessarily a contraindication for TriPollar Apollo treatments. It depends on the type of filler and how long ago was the filler administered. In general, TriPollar Apollo treatments are a great combination with fillers such as Hyaluronic acid and collagen, some brand names include: Elevess, Hydrelle, Hylaform, Juvederm, Perlane, Restylane and others which might not be mentioned here. The TriPollar Apollo treatment can be performed 3 weeks after an approved filler is administered. It is not recommended to perform TriPollar Apollo treatments over synthetic fillers such as silicon or synthetic polymers. Do not treat over fat injectable filler or fat implants.

I Have Sagging Jowls, and Also Loose Skin on My Tummy. Can Both Areas Be Treated in One Session?

You can be treated by TriPollar Apollo on the face and abdomen on the same day, this can be a good opportunity to catch up on some missing sleep hours and wake up looking younger.

If I Get the TriPollar Treatment to Treat a Facial Scar, Will It Also Tighten the Surrounding Skin?

The TriPollar Apollo treatment is not indicated for treatment of scars. However there have been some reports from doctors’ experience and clinical evidence showing improvement in appearance of scars and stretch marks following the TriPollar Apollo treatments. The skin surrounding the scar will tighten and improve following the treatment if you treat it while treating the scar, I assume one would perform a full face treatment or other specific body area and incorporate the scar treatment into this zone. It is important to mention that keloid scaring is a contra indication for all RF treatments as it is a collagen related disorder.

What Potential Side Effects Could I Expect from a TriPollar Treatment to My Face? Or, To My Body?

There should be no major side effects following a TriPollar Apollo treatment. Normally there will be erythema (redness) for an hour or less and there might also be edema (minor swelling) in the treatment area that will last 15 minutes to an hour or so.

tripollar dermatologyMy TriPollar Appointment to Treat Facial Wrinkles is Scheduled for Next Week. When Can I Expect to Notice Results?

You should expect to get results immediately following the first TriPollar Apollo treatment. Your skin will feel tighter and look fresh and glowing. It is a wonderful idea to get a TriPollar Apollo treatment the day you are planning to attend an event, your skin will glow and you will look your best! The results should improve with every session and should be longer lasting after a few sessions leading to tighter fresher younger looking skin.

How Does TriPollar Promote Collagen Regeneration? Are the Results Permanent?

TriPollar Apollo treatments promote collagen regeneration by stimulating the body’s natural process following temperature increase in the treated area. TriPollar RF energy heats skin tissue deep from within, while protecting the epidermis. The extent of the clinical effect depends on the relative electrical resistance of the target tissue. The Dermis and Hypodermal connective tissue contain Fibroblasts – cells that maintain skin structure by constantly producing new collagen and other structural proteins The number of Fibroblasts in the skin is reduced with age and their metabolism slows down. Effective heating of skin by the TriPollar Apollo treatment results in: Contraction of existing collagen fibers and in production of new collagen at an accelerated pace due to Fibroblasts’ increased metabolism The process of production of new collagen continues several weeks post a treatment, leading to even better improvement in dermal thickness over the course of the TriPollar Apollo treatments and a few months following the last treatment. Clinical studies that were performed using the TriPollar Apollo device demonstrated improvement in appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks a month after treatment. Facial wrinkles continued to improve even 3 months after the last treatment. It is recommended to undergo a maintenance treatment every few months as unfortunately we cannot stop the effect of time and the natural aging process.

I Am Overweight. How Many Inches Could I Expect to Lose from my Abdomen with TriPollar?

Clinical studies and results from several clinics in the USA have demonstrated the effectiveness of the TriPollar Apollo treatments for circumference reduction and skin tightening in various body areas. Results vary from person to person; the average abdominal circumference reduction is about 2” from one measuring point with maximum reduction of about 6” from one measuring point. If you are overweight, TriPollar Apollo treatments will not induce weight loss.

What is the Difference Between TriPollar and Ultherapy?

The Ultherapy and the TriPollar Apollo are very different from each other. The Ultherapy is ultrasound technology that induces micro coagulations in the dermis causing the dermis to contract in that area. It can be compared to tiny internal scars in the dermis. The treatment is very painful and requires local anesthesia. The Ultherapy is for facial treatment only and cannot be used on other body areas. The TriPollar technology is the most advanced Radio Frequency technology. It stimulates formation of new collagen and induces tightening of the existing collagen. In addition the TriPollar technology is also effective for treating the subcutaneous fat and can be used on many body areas for skin tightening in addition to improvement of cellulite conditions and for body contouring. TriPollar Apollo treatments are very pleasant with no risk or pain.

How Does the Radio Frequency Technology Work in a TriPollar RF Treatment?

TriPollar RF technology is used to simultaneously heat deep and superficial skin layers. The increase of temperature is a result of the resistance of the treated tissue to the RF current. This focused, selective deep heating stimulates the body’s natural skin renewal process, tightening existing collagen fibers and augmenting new collagen generation. It also accelerates fat metabolism to cause fat cells to shrink, improving cellulite appearance and reducing circumference in the abdomen, arms, flanks and thighs.

I’ve Heard TriPollar Described As an “All-in-one” Treatment. What Does This Mean?

Due to the fact that TriPollar Apollo treatments heat the dermis and subcutaneous fat simultaneously, it will have an improvement effect on the dermis and on the underlying fat layer. The effect on the dermis will induce tighter looking and feeling skin, a reduction in skin laxity and a general thickening of the dermal layer. At the same time, in the subcutaneous fat layer, the treatment will induce reduction in the size of the fat cells therefore reducing the thickness of the fat layer. The combined effect of the treatment on the dermis and underlying fat simultaneously can justifiably be tagged as an “All in one” treatment resulting in circumference reduction combined with surface skin tightening this combined effect leads to improvement in appearance of cellulite and general enhanced body contouring and toning.

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