Dr Flora KimDr. Flora Kim is a board-certified dermatologist who graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, received a full merit scholarship to medical school at the University of Virginia, and completed dermatology residency here in Dallas at UT Southwestern.

Before entering the field of medicine, Dr. Kim was initially in the world of finance, investment banking in New York City until 9/11 happened.  This event sparked a desire to serve others as a physician and triggered her career change.  She was introduced to dermatology by a leader in the field while in Manhattan.  Her passion for skin diseases grew while she conducted research at the Dermatology Branch at the National Institutes of Health and while as a medical student at the University of Virginia.  She is indebted to all of her mentors – Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, Dr. Mark Lebwohl, and Dr. Kenneth Greer – who inspired and fostered her burgeoning profession as a dermatologist.

Having spent her childhood years in Paris, France, the ease of hopping on a train or car to visit neighboring cities and countries has inculcated a curiosity for both domestic and international travel.  Dr. Kim and her husband (a Head and Neck Cancer Surgeon), cannot wait to share their passion for travel and take their two young children around the fifty states and abroad.


Care Philosophy

On 9/11, I vividly remember escaping on the NY Waterway ferry as the second tower was collapsing, and hearing the constant plea on the radio for all medical personnel to please report to St. Vincent’s Hospital.  I wanted to help but felt so helpless.  I questioned the usefulness and practicality of my financial skills and during this period of introspection, I realized that for me, work is not about a paycheck but instead should be an expression of who I am.

A doctor has a love for life and an even deeper love for people.  My career as a dermatologist is not just my job; it is my passion.  I will not only examine your skin, but truly listen to your concerns.  Each and every time, I will do my very best to address your needs and be your biggest advocate to bring your skin back to optimal health.  I hope to gain your trust and confidence, and work together to reach your goals.  I am privileged to have the opportunity to build a relationship with you, your family, and your friends, and look forward to meeting all of your dermatological needs.


I wanted to surround myself with those that share the belief in the specialness of life and have taken on the challenge of helping others one patient at a time.  Everyone here at NDDA is not only exceptionally trained and talented, but is truly passionate about what they do.  Furthermore, the ability to balance the practice of dermatology and the needs of my small children was very important to me.  Being part of the UT Southwestern Dermatology family, when Dr. Melissa Rubenstein, Dr. Melissa Costner, and Dr. Mary Hurley approached me about joining NDDA, I knew that it would be a perfect fit.  The camaraderie and team-approach to patient care is unparalleled.  I wake up every morning and am excited about coming to work at NDDA.