dallas cosmetic dermatologyWe offer the latest cosmetic treatments and the newest technologies at NDDA. These treatments are part of a comprehensive skin care regimen designed to complement the medical treatments prescribed by our physicians.

Dermatologists have long known that the most important factor in a person’s appearance is the health of their skin. Cosmetic dermatology treatments are different than traditional plastic surgery. Rather than simply try to change your appearance by reshaping or stretching your skin, they are designed to enhance the body’s own natural repair mechanisms to improve the both the health and the appearance of your skin.

These rejuvenative and restorative treatments help repair skin damage that has accumulated over a lifetime and also slow the natural aging process of the skin. Used regularly as part of a program of comprehensive skin care, they can help make skin healthier and younger looking.

Our staff includes a specially trained, licensed aesthetician who works closely with our physicians to develop a treatment program that is customized to each patient’s skin type and condition. She also provides a complimentary skin analysis and consultation by appointment.

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