Kybella is a drug that has been recently approved by the FDA to treat double chins. While the only way to get rid of the excess chin fat has been through liposuction, neck-lift or face-lift uptil now, Kybella serves as a more minimally-invasive technique to do the same as it uses injections. Drug trials on over 1000 individuals showed reduced chin fat in over 80 percent of the participants. The FDA approved Kybella for adults who have moderate-severe submental fat or chin fat.

Working, treatment and advantages

  • Working: As a cytolytic drug, Kybella functions similarl to the deoxycholic acid that is produced in the body. The deoxycholic acid enhances the fat absorption in the body. When injected, Kybella breaks down cell membranes so that the fat cells are destroyed. It has to be performed only by licensed professionals, as if done improperly it can have harmful effects on the patient.
  • Treatment: The number of rounds of Kybella treatments varies from one patient to the other. The doctor recommends the nature of the treatment on a case by case basis, targeting only certain spots where fat cells have to be destroyed. A single treatment session takes 15-20 minutes, and patients are given multiple injections during each session. The FDA says that individuals can receive up to 50 Kybella injections in each treatment. Patients may have to visit the doctor for multiple treatments that are at least a month apart.
  • Advantages: The main advantage that a Kybella treatment presents over corresponding cosmetic surgeries is that it is minimally invasive in nature. Patients are not administered anesthesia prior to the procedure, and simply require a numbing agent to be topically applied in the painless procedure. The treatment is short as opposed to a liposuction, and as is the recovery period.

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