Micro-Needling is a new innovation in aesthetics for improving the appearance of fine lines, acne scars and the overall improvement of skin’s texture and tone by stimulating collagen production to:

  • Rejuvenate the skin
  • Reduce the appearance of scars
  • Improve appearance of stretch marks
  • Minimize pore size
  • Increase product absorption
  • Minimize superficial facial wrinkles
  • Little to no downtime

During the treatment, we create controlled micro-injuries to the skin which aids in the production of elastin and collagen production. The micro-channels that are created during the procedure allow topical serums to be absorbed more effectively which enhances the effects in the deeper layers of the skin. The skin’s repair process in response to the treatment results in a thicker top layer of skin which creates a softer appearance in regards to wrinkles and texture imperfections. Patients notice an immediate fresh “glow” to their skin; however, best results can take up to several weeks. These results continue to improve even up to 6 months after your sessions!